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Ovide Smart Assist EVO Series


New Ovide Smart Assist EVO Series

Ovide Smart Assist comes forward and becomes EVO Series: EVO Series keep up with Smart Assist essence and it's still an all in one video assist system powered by QTake but with some improvements such as 40% less power consumption (EVO vs Smart 4), low delay output (2.5 frames) or a super bright screen of 500 nits among many others.


Extra bright display


Extra CPU and GPU performance


Low delay output


Removable SSD drive


4K DCI-P3 Display


Low consumption


HDR - 10 bits


360° - VR

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO
Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO for 4 cameras

Smart Assist 4 EVO allows to record, playback and do the FX with one camera at 4K or with 4 HD/2K cameras:

 4 Cameras Mode1 Camera Mode
Resolution 2K or HD 4K
Inputs 4x SDI 1x SDI
Outputs 12x SDI (2K or HD routed video) 3x SDI (4K routed video)
Composite x1 x1
Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO
Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO

Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO for 2 cameras

Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO allows to record, playback and do all the FX with 2 HD/2K cameras:

Resolution 2K or HD
Inputs 2x SDI
Outputs 6x SDI (2K or HD routed video)
Composite x1

22” 4K DCI-P3 touchscreen

Enjoy the superb quality of a 4K DCI P3 display that is a touchscreen, sharp, super bright, true color... Create custom user layout for each screen to put your most wanted features under your fingertips. If you prefer using the keyboard and mouse, you can still do it.

Extra bright display

New EVO series has new super bright screens, exactly 500 nits!

Works with iDevices

Smart Assist EVO streams live video or independent playback to up to 16 iDevices (iPad and iPhone), each one with independent playback, permissions and watermarks.

12 outputs 4 inpius
Routed outputs

Up to 12 SDI outputs

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO has 12 SDI outputs to send the video to whatever source you need such as monitors, transmitters, streaming equipment...

Of course, Smart Assist can also send video to iDevices via WiFi.

Connect up to 128 cameras

It's uncommon, but when it happens, Smart Assist could save you a lot of time.

Thanks to its 4 inputs (Smart Assist 4 EVO), you can control up to 4 different cameras at the same time, but you could link 8 Smart Assist 4 EVO to control up to 32 cameras, but if your multicam shooting is a total wildness you could also add 4 quadsplits and control up to 128 cameras!

Smart Assist 2 EVO works the same way:
1x Smart Assist 2 EVO: Connect up to 2 cameras
8x Smart Assist 2 EVO: Connect up to 16 cameras
8x Smart Assist 2 EVO + 4x Quadsplits: Connect up to 32 cameras

Routed outputs

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO has a built-in video router you to feed and control your complex video village using the touchscreen or an iPhone. Choose a feed and name it and the OLED display will show it next to the BNC connector, this way cabling it's really simple.

Not only the label is displayed, also the video content (live, camera, quad split…).


Work with mains or batteries

Ovide Smart Assist EVO Series can be powered by mains, block batteries and camera batteries (IDX or Anton Bauer mount).

Both EVO systems have hot swap between power sources and an internal UPS system: it will warn when all power sources are disconnected and will run the system for 2 minutes without any power source to put a new battery without any shutdown.

EVO Series also inform about remaining capacity of the battery and running time. In case UPS kicks in, a warning countdown of the remaining UPS time will appear in the display.

Lower power consumption

New EVO Series has a lot less power consumption, just 150w! That's a 40% less power cosumption than Smart Assist 4 Mark II.

WiFi & Bluetooth

Smart Assist EVO have SMA connectors to connect the suitable wifi antennas for every shooting: regular antennas for closer distances or bigger high gain antennas for a longer range of operation.


Down to the smallest detail

Ovide Smart Assist EVO have been designed and carefully planned to the smallest detail:

Ergonomics: All connectors have enough space between them so that it is comfortable to plug and unplug. Video inputs, video outputs, audio and special connectors are clearly separated to quickly locate them.

Organize: Special inserts allow the use of Velcro ties to fasten cables or other accessories.

Cheeseplates: Mount accessories such as mini monitors or wireless video transmitters.

Handles: Made like cheeseplates, they allow to transport your Ovide Smart Assist EVO in a easiest way and also attach accessories.

Quality: Best materials, including top quality connectors brings the highest performance and durability to the unit.

Lighting: You may also connect a reading light to the output, to read scripts or camera reports. You can choose from the front panel between a white or a red light (for sets with dimmed light).


Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO

Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO

Temperature range

32-104°F (0-40°C)


32,8 Lbs / 14,9 Kg

Dimensions with stand

24” (W) × 16” (H) × 6” (D)

610 (W) × 415 (H) × 150 (D) mm 

Dimensions without stand

21.3” (W) × 12.8” (H) × 4.7” (D) / 540 (W) × 326 (H) × 119 (D) mm


Female C-Stand Pin ø1.2×2” / ø30x50mm

Screen size  22"


Yes, capacitive

Screen resolution

4096×2304 pixels

Screen bit depth

10 bit

Screen brightness

500 nits

System hard drive type


Video hard drive type



4× SDI 

2× XLR-3

1× TC

Genlock input

2× SDI 

2× XLR-3

1× TC

Genlock input


12× SDI 

1× Composite

2× USB 3.0

1× USB 2.0

1× TC

1× LAN

2× XLR-3

6× SDI 

1× Composite

2× USB 3.0

1× USB 2.0

1× TC

1× LAN

2× XLR-3


Embedded in HDSDI (in/out) or LTC BNC

DC Input


AC Power connection

Fischer (Arri type) connector

Camera batteries socket

1× IDX or Anton Bauer mount

1× Bebob Cine V-Mount (requires Cine series batteries for full recording capabilities)


Internal, 2 minutes

Battery hot swap


Power consumption


Control up to

4× HD/2K cameras or 1× 4K camera

2× HD/2K cameras

Connect up to

32 cameras: 8× Smart Assist

128 cameras: 4× Smart Assist + 4× Quad devices

16 cameras: 8× Smart Assist

64 cameras: 4× Smart Assist + 4× Quad devices


SMA connectors